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  • Release Date: 06/27/2015
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‘Ucles vs Africa’ is a documentary by Andrew Ucles as he travels through Zambia and Kenya in Africa; setting out to record and interact with the wildlife and meet the locals.



In August 2012, I set off alone to Kenya, Africa to walk the Zambesie and document my journey. On the way I interacted with dangerous animals and indigenous people as well as surviving injuries, harsh weather and my own fears and doubts.

On my gruelling 3-month, 350-plus kilometre journey, I experienced the true wildlife of the land,nature in its rawest form and the pressures on tribes due to loss of habitat.

An incredible documentary, Ucles Vs Africa is the unforgettable story of an unprecedented adventure.


I  encountered almost every animal I set out to find; lions, cheetahs, elephants, hippos, buffalo, giraffes and rhinos as well as being able to capture mongoose, porcupines, hedgehogs and nile monitors. I had set a personal goal of being the first person to try and catch all of Africa’s most deadliest snakes in the first 2 weeks of my endeavors – I was more than satisfied to have recorded my experience with capturing; black and green mambas, spitting cobras, forest cobras, puff adders, carpet vipers, gaboon vipers and horned vipers.



Reptile Captures:

Black Mamba
Green Mamba
Gayboon Viper
Forest Cobra
African Rock Python
Leopard Tortoise
Red Scorpion

Mammal Captures


Close Encounters:

Syke Monkey

 Interviews with wildlife rangers, researchers, native peoples and Bonus Videos!


Along my journey in Central-Eastern Africa I met many people that helped me to better understand and approach African wildlife. Native tribes including the Masai people and the Kikuyu people took me into their care and taught me their skills of hunting and gathering, which had been passed onto them by their parents throughout their lives. From learning how to navigate through thick scrub, to tracking animals down to eat, to dancing and taking part in ritual ceremonies, to preparing and collecting water to drink. Although at times there were communication difficulties, my connection with the native people was made through my passion of tracking and hunting… although worlds apart, we are very similar in nature.

On every continent native and indigenous people live in pocket populations many of which have little interaction with the outside world and who’s understandings of modern technology is somewhat limited. The time I spent living with them gives the audience the opportunity to see into the lives of these often secretive people. Walking with them as they hunt and prepare food and learning all the primitive strategies of how they survive in their harsh landscape. The documentary looks at their customs, culture and traditions and how they depend on the environment around them that supports a conservative approach to living. Truly a fascinating lifestyle long forgotten in the modern world.



My quest in Africa was about unveiling the truth. The experience was about stepping into the lives of the native people and walking with them in there daily routines. I wanted to experience a culture and learn their traditional ways. I was quick to learn and disprove many hypothesis I wanted to test particularly about Africa’s most fearsome wildlife. I was able to capture the truth in my video recordings about how the animals viewed me as an individual in their element. The experience I took from Africa not only taught me about discovering the unknown, it also taught me the importance of personal connection and natural dependence on the environment…personally, I never left Africa – Africa and its teachings are still very much a part of me and my way of life. Africa wasn’t just about survival, it was about discovering the truth of the unknown – and this is a documentary of my discovery.

That was straight up fantastic! I’d been waiting and waiting for this to come out, and it blew my expectations out of the water. Well done sir.

Brent (verified owner)

Highly entertaining and informative on the wildlife and culture of Zambia and Kenya. Truly, a great documentary with much insight.

dakotasheehan92 (verified owner)

Absolutely loved this. You really did a great job and it’s amazing to get such a personal look into Africa’s culture and wildlife. I’m proud to have bought this in support of you and I can’t wait to see what your next project may be.

benyalich (verified owner)


The Members Area contains 3 full-length bonus videos included for free:

Animal Orphanage

Meet Baby buffalo Dorothy and her caretaker who rehabilitates orphaned animals.

Dancing with Villagers

Andrew dances to the village DJs to some very classic drum beats.

Crocodile Attack Story

A villagers survival-story from a crocodile’s bite by the riverside.


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