Andrew’s commitment to his education and research runs parallel with his experience and unique knowledge with wildlife. Having already completed a degree in Environmental Science with key interests in toxicology and ecology his approach to education is somewhat scientific but more obvious through his explanations in real terms which are understandable and relatable.

After completing his degree, his hunger to learn more and specialize his knowledge within the animal kingdom resulted in Ucles undertaking a Master’s in Wildlife Management, which he is still currently completing. Ucles main interests have taken his research into feral animal management and conservation planning.

Apart from what material is related to his studies he uses his spare time to equip himself with as much knowledge about the behavior, ecology, movement, reproduction and general biology of animals which he interacts with. Having a number a professors, doctors and wildlife specialists as friends and colleagues he uses their understandings and experience with his own to develop new knowledge and insight to world of wildlife documentary.
Apart from the obvious desire to become a wildlife documentary presenter, Ucles has also aimed to become a specialist in the wildlife industry with his ambitions set on undertaking a doctorate in the near future.

More of my academic ambitions coming soon!


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