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1. How do I login or create an account?
  • An account can be created and logged into by visiting My Account.
  • An account username is automatically created using your email when purchasing Ucles vs Africa to access the Members Area.
My Account
2. How do I change my account password and details?

Account details can be modified by clicking on Edit Account Details inside the My Account panel.

Edit Details


3. Forgotten password or username and other sign-in problems

If you can’t remember your password and you’re logged out of your account, you can reset it through your email address or your account. To reset your password, first click Lost your password? below the Login box on the log in screen.

Visit the email you used when creating the account and follow the instructions to reset and set a new password.

Lost Your Password?

I forgot my username.

  1. Click the Lost your password? link on the Login page
  2. Enter your Username or Email
  3. If you don’t remember your username there, enter your email address and we’ll send you an email with your username in the email.

Lost Your Username?If you can’t access the email you registered with, you will need to contact Ucles Entertainment Productions and you will be required to provide full proof of identification.


4. How do I purchase Ucles vs Africa to watch the full documentary?

You can purchase Ucles vs Africa through the official product store page: or

Purchase Ucles vs Africa

5. I purchased Ucles vs Africa, how do I watch it?
  • Login to the website with the email and password you registered with
  • follow the Video Link found in the ‘Completed Order’ email sent to you upon purchasing the documentary – the link provided will direct you to the Members Area.


1. Login to your account you created when you purchased Ucles vs Africa.

2. Follow the instructions found on the Account page to access the Members Area.

My Account Help I forgot my Password!


6. How many times can Ucles vs Africa be played?

Ucles vs Africa can be played an unlimited number of times in the video documentary section.

Can I download Ucles vs Africa to my computer?

No. Ucles vs Africa is meant to be streamed and watched only through the Ucles vs Africa Members Area available via

Can I share my login details?

This is a bad idea because your account may be flagged and restricted from the Members Area and this is against the Terms of Use you agreed to when you purchase Ucles vs Africa.


7. Can I share my login credentials for Ucles vs Africa?

You may not share your Account with anyone and you are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Login Credentials and for any and all activities (including purchases and charges, as applicable) that are conducted through your Account.

The Terms of Use agreed up purchasing Ucles vs Africa state that you can be held accountable for any and all activity carried out on your account;  all actions undertaken on the account are either done by, or the responsibility of, the original account creator.

Account sharing may earn you;

  • a warning placed on your account, at the very minimum
  • a short to medium-length suspension
  • or anything up to account closure, for severe and repeated cases.

8. Why is there a Members Area for Ucles vs Africa?

The Members Area allows the documentary and bonus clips to be organized in a central location on the website.


9. Why is the video playback not working?

The video is supported on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Whichever browser you prefer, please use the most up-to-date version available to ensure that everything on the site works smoothly! You can update your browser(s) here:

If your video playback isn’t smooth, here are some things you can try:

  • Try letting the video buffer before you view it.
  • Close other browser tabs and windows. This can make a huge difference!
  • Make sure you have either the latest version of Flash running on your computer, or use a browser with native HTML5 support.
  • Switch to another browser to see if that helps.

Do I need a fast Internet connection for HD videos?

Most residential cable and DSL connections should be more than adequate. If HD feels slow to load, try turning off any background applications that could be using up bandwidth. Or push the play button in the player and then pause to let the video buffer before viewing.

What is video buffering, and how do I do it?

Buffering is a way of preloading the videos you watch so that fluctuations in your Internet connection don’t cause choppy playback.When you play a video, a light gray bar will advance in front of the playhead, showing you how much of your video has been buffered. Your playback should be smooth as long as you’re viewing your video within the light gray buffer region.If you’re experiencing choppy playback, pause the video, allow the video to buffer for a few moments, then try playing your video again!

10. What are the Terms of Use for Ucles vs Africa?

Please read these terms carefully before using any Ucles Entertainment Productions service.
These terms govern your use of the Ucles Entertainment Productions service(s) View the Terms of Use.

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